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                                                    Murder a la Carte, Inc.

                                                                                 Short Synopsis of Scripts

TALKING HEADS- Join all your favorite talk show hosts at the annual meeting of NATSH (The National Association of Talk Show Hosts). But, be prepared to duck when the hosts start acting like their guests! You'll have a rollicking good time.

SOMETHING FISHEY'S GOING ON-There's a new fish museum in town and there's room on the board for only one big fish.Who will survive?Will it be the rancher, the mayor, the bimbo, the German or the womanizer? You'll just have to find out for yourself. The one thing this show isn't is a fish story!

GONE WITH THE HURRICANE-Join Harlot, Brett, Nellie and Dashley at a fundraiser to restore "Kara" for its bicentennial. There's a lot more going on than "fundraising" at this updated saga! This one will really blow you away.

LA FAMIGLIA (Da Family)-The Baritone family invites you to join them to celebrate Tony's birthday at his favorite restaurant. Bring your appetites, but leave your weapons at home! Watch as Tony gets a few more birthday surprises than he expects.This party is to die for!

MOST LIKELY TO BE…MURDERED (A High School Reunion)-Every five years; Riverview High holds a reunion. All previous years graduating classes are invited.It's always eventful, but this year it's downright deadly! Join your classmates and party to you drop…dead that is!

POLITICAL GUMBO-It's politics as usual and you're right in the middle of it.It's one-week prior to the primary and all the candidates are ready at the debate. As always, it gets a little out of hand.Someone is taking this campaign a little too serious. The candidates are dropping like flies. Will your candidate be a winner or will he end up…dead!

DEADLY DESIGNERS - Loco has discovered the "Fountain of Youth" and all her competitors want it! Be there when the new "Fountain of Youth" product is unveiled. Warning: The use of this product may just kill you!

FAMILY DAY AT HAPPY MEADOWS-It's family day at Happy Meadows and you're visiting your loved one. If you thought nursing homes were boring and uneventful, boy were you wrong! There's a lot more going on at this nursing home than meets the eye.

The 1960's T.V. beach bums are having a reunion. Most of them haven't seen each other in 40 years. See what happens when old rivals meet again. Warning: Surfing the net with ex-beach bums could be hazardous to your health.

WE All SCREAM FOR HALLOWEEN-The current head of Halloween is retiring and everyone wants a shot at being the new head of Halloween. Watch your favorite Halloween characters as they vie for that prestigious position. But, don't accept any candy from this motley crew. You may get more tricks than treats!

IT'S THE GREAT JACK-O-LANTERN BARLEY BROWN- Barley Brown is having his annual Halloween party. Minus maintains a pumpkin patch and still awaits the arrival of the Great Jack-O-Lantern each year. Will Minus finally meet the great Jack-O-Lantern this Halloween or will he meet his death !

MURDER ON THE HIGH SEAS- Take a cruise on Mardi Gras Cruise Lines newest ship, the Desperation, on its maiden voyage from Los Angeles to Hawaii.Wear your luau best and join the party. But, beware because everyone on this ship has a secret. And, when the secrets are revealed people end up…sleeping with the fish (or in Davy Jones' locker)! Yo ho ho and a bottle of … Fun!

COFFEE, TEA OR MURDER?-Join the world's most famous chefs at the International Chef's Conference.Watch as things heat up between them.But, don't ask these chefs "what's cooking" as their recipes are to die for.