Audience Comments

Here are a few recent comments from our audiences about our shows:

"This was my 1st experience.  I had so much fun!  The actors were terrific & hilarious.  I would recommend this experience to anyone!" K. McNeely   

"Really funny and entertaining.  Enjoyed it!"     K. Wirges

"Very amusing as well as entertaining.  Characters came across with great enthusiasm."     A. Toujas, Jr.

"Great entertainment!!  Me and my husband had a blast.   Yah!"    S. Gambroni

"This was a lot of fun.  I can't wait to do it again."     S. Dozier

"Very well organized; delightful company; great margarita.  Great food!  Love this.  Contact me for the next one!"    M. Marmande

"Enjoyed the show-characters were delightful.  Would attend another one again.  Good Job!  Please put us on your e-mailing list for future shows."     E. Abadie

"Acting was great.  Beer was good.  Food was great.  Show was better."     R. Judd

"Would do it a thousand more times".     J.  Elliott

"I would say they are true actors.  It was really put together well.  Now I want to have a party like this."
L. Launey

"Very entertaining.  Enjoyed the evening very much."
A. Sully

"Really enjoyed it!  Very interested in possibly using crew at a private party."
O. Canales

"First Time we've attended and we will definitely come back.  Very fun!"
A. Angelo

"Very funny and enjoyable."
M. Bourgeois

"This is a fabulous way to "kill" an evening.  My husband and I plan to attend every show.  The actors did an awesome job."
K. Brown